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Artikel: Throw Back Thursday - UAE Rolex GMT Master...

Throw Back Thursday - UAE Rolex GMT Master...

Throw Back Thursday - UAE Rolex GMT Master...

This week’s ‘Throw Back Thursday’ is another gem from Bernhard’s archive on 100percentRolex blog.

Read all about the ultra-rare UAE GMT Master…


Here is a real rare bird and a special Military Rolex. A UAE GMT…. with provenance!

Which is a real great find and help from some friends in the proces.


Finding a UAE 1675 one with provenance is great, as most are fake or at best have a dial put into a loose case.

So i am happy that this one has a 30 years history… back to the original owner.
The owner bought the watch from a friend back then. His friend was a bodyguard of the royal family in London. The watch was handed to him in service. As it goes… the 2 guys became friends and at one day the ‘bodyguard’ sold this Rolex to his friend. back then for 200 GBP. The new owner did not mind the logo, provenance etc and just enjoyed it for all these years. Till he found out more about the UAE logo on the dial and contacted me for advise. After a couple of month he contacted me again and i was real lucky to be able to get the watch back then. All including a letter with the story and holiday images of the former owner wearing the watch over 2 decades… amazing.

1675 UAE BB 11 LR B

1675 UAE BB 17 LR

1675 UAE BB 18 LR

1675 UAE BB2 22 LR

It comes with the later version dial the ‘mohamad bin rashid al maktoum’.


Not the more common ‘Ministry of Defence’ version.

What a great watch!!

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