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Celebrate with us!

A Decade of Bulang & Sons


Get busy and win big

Join us this year for games and activities and earn a chance to win Rolex. 

We say party, you say: Bulang! The celebration goes on for months and months! The more active you become, the more fun. And everything you do increases your chances to win lots of stuff.

Win a Rolex or one of our Rolex collector’s items
• Win in our weekly Strapvaganza giveaway
• Co-Design a strap for our collection and get a part of the royalties
• Join our business and become a member of our Think Tank panel
• Take part in games and quizzes for watch lovers only!
• 100+ new designs and limited edition straps!

Scroll down to find out how you can be part of all this and more.

We know what makes you tick.

A year full of prizes, lucky winners every week!

Cool prizes throughout the year, with a Rolex as the grand prize. Scroll down to see more of our prizes and how you can win!

Win a Rolex

First Price
(The Lucky Winner will be announced December 13th 2024)

Rolex Wool Blanket

Second Prize

Rolex Wallet

Third Prize

Weekly Strapvaganza Giveaway

Strap giveaway every Friday

How to Win? Collect Jubilee Points!

Subscribe to the Jubilee games and activities. Pick any game or activity and enjoy. What’s really fun is that everything you do gets you Jubilee Points. If you earn the most points, you win our Rolex.

Let us present our Games and Activities....

The "Joint Business" Games

Become a Member of the Bulang Think Tank.

We are continiously trying to improve, or create cool new features for our customers. For example, in 2024 we will design over 100 new straps and we need your help. Another example: we will invest in some new business, and would like your opinion.

Become part of our Think Tank and help us make all the right decisions. Your opinion matters to us. Extra Jubilee Points for participation.

More information on how it works

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'Co-Design your personal strap' Contest

Feeling creative? Co-Design your personal watch strap with us. The contest will be launched and announced by email in spring 2024.

In short:
Submit your moodboard with your strap ideas. The top 3 submissions will be co-designed and produced. We’ll name it after you and sell it in our webshop. You’ll even get part of the royalties. Let’s create the next best-seller together! Subscribe and dont miss out.

More information on how it works

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The Instagram Games

Guess What(ch)...?

Every Sunday we post a mystery watch on Instagram.
Can you guess the model?

Follow #bulang_jubilee and don't miss out

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Spot the Landmark

Take a wristshot on a recognizable location and share it on Instagram. We’ll ask our followers to guess where you are. This will be fun, plus you get extra Jubilee Points for the effort.
More information on how it works

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The Watch Expert

"Truth or Lie: The renowned luxury watchmaker, Rolex, was founded in London in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. They initially named the company 'Wilsdorf & Davis' before changing it to Rolex in 1908."

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Weekly Strapvaganza Giveaway

Every Friday on Instagram, we announce a strap Giveaway!

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All Sounds like fun?

And there’s a lot more coming up this year… scroll on!

A strap made out of vintage British Barbour Jackets and more unexpected fabrics? We will be dropping the most insanely creative straps all year. Inspired by the places that have the biggest Bulang & Sons fanbase. We connect with these regions and pay tribute to our customers by designing these collections. Get them before they are gone!

Strapfest: special collections that will blow your mind!

1. The British Strapfest

Launch 1st March 2024

With more than 250.000 website visits from the UK every year, we thought it seems fit to bring out a special collection as an ode to our UK fanbase.

2. The New York Strapfest

Launch 3rd May 2024

37% of our customers are from the USA, out of which 32% come from New York, the city that never sleeps.

We also did not sleep, and inspired by their one-of-a-kind lifestyle we are proud to present the New York Strapfest collection.

3. The Californian Dream Strapfest

Launch 21st of June 2024

From Beverly Hills to San Francisco - 115.000 Californians find our website every year.

With so many things that inspired us, it was no difficult task to come up with the California Dream Strapfest collection.

4. The European Strapfest

Launch 06th September 2024

We ship our products to more than 40 countries all across Europe. As a matter of fact, this entails 54% of our orders.

It should be no surprise therefore, that we bring out the European Strapfest collection, inspired on the beauty you can find amongst its countries.

5. The Asian Strapfest

Launch 01st November 2024

Holding a 13% share of our customer base, it makes us proud to have designed the Asian Strapfest collection - an ode to some of our best friends that we have met over the years.

You might expect the sophistication and high standards that go hand in hand with the Asian lifestyle.

Did you know.....?

A Decade Bulang and Sons

Our jubilee should be about you, our most valued customers.

However allow us a little section where we share with you some of the dearest moments and trivia resulting from an interview with founder/owner Bernhard Bulang.

Lets get physical

Meet & Greet

Please let us share some 2024 events, popups and meet & greet moments with you. More to come...

Pop Up Store

Maastricht, March 06th - 14th, 2024, Netherlands

Fair Rikketik

Houten, June 16th, Netherlands

"Ask Bernhard" Series

Instagram, Once a Month